Sometimes dead is better

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Sometimes dead is better

Humphrey, we hardly knew you:

The 10 Downing Street cat Humphrey has died, a spokesman for the prime minister has confirmed. The black and white feline passed away at the home of a Cabinet Office worker who took him when he "retired". Humphrey was adopted by Number 10 after wandering into the building as a stray while Margaret Thatcher was PM in 1989.

Surviving the Thatcher years only to be ousted by the pussy hating harpy, Cherie... but the things he must have seen and heard. If the IRA had spent more time training cats and less time trying to develop the automatic spud gun Gerry Adams could be PM right about now.

Humphrey had his share of media attention too:

Official questions were asked in the House of Commons about Humphrey's absence after his departure from Downing Street in 1997. A Conservative MP demanded proof that the moggy - sometimes given the nickname Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office - was still alive. Downing Street said Humphrey had been suffering from a kidney complaint. The media were later invited to a South London property, where Humphrey was photographed, hostage-style, with copies of the day's newspapers.

He hightailed it again (like everyone else) when John Major moved in. We can only hope that Blair isn't tempted to take the poor little guy into the back garden of Number Ten where he buries and brings back to life all those dead bills that he can't bear to let go of. Then again if things roll along like they did in the film we would quite like to see an evil Leo taking a scalpel to the back of Gordon Brown's ankles... they're so cute at that age.

Last Updated 20 March 2006