Something dreary this way comes...

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Something dreary this way comes...

Forget bird flu, there's a bigger evil on the immediate horizon. Something rank is stirring in the west. Something that causes normally rational intelligent people to come over all crap. Lord of the Rings - The Musical is coming, no matter how luke warm the reviews in Canadia:

"We are definitely going to open in London in 2007. There's a confidence in a certain sector of the industry that believes this will be a blockbuster of popular entertainment. Our market research during previews indicated the show is scoring strongly with the ordinary man in the street."

The movies were bad enough... they had a cracking good single action film there if they'd only had the balls to cut all that crap with the ring and the Hobbits. Besides, the dirty bath of Tolkien themed musical extravaganza already has this high water mark:

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