Skyscraper Plans Multiply Quicker Than You Could Say 'Babel'

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Skyscraper Plans Multiply Quicker Than You Could Say 'Babel'
phone shaped tower.jpg

A couple more proposed skyscrapers have emerged over the past week. Both of them are only at early design stages and seem to set new standards in bonkers architecture.

We mean that in a nice way. If London has to grow tall, then it should do so in its own unique style. And quirky is what London has always done best.

This curvy fiend is the proposed replacement for the forgettable 1960s tower at 20 Fenchurch Street. It’s another highly distinctive design, looking something like a walkie-talkie. At 45 storeys, it’ll dwarf everything else in the area, so isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

We’re hoping the whole thing’s as spring-loaded as it looks. Anyone fancy a giant game of Crossbows and Catapults with South London?

Wonky building.jpgThe second design is a 54-storey proposal for Millwall Docks on the Isle of Dogs. We’re not really sure what to think about this one, though we wouldn’t fancy standing beneath it on a windy day.

It certainly makes an interesting change from the oblong neighbours of Canary Wharf. It also differs by comprising mostly ‘affordable housing’ with much less office and retail space. Looks like now might be a good time to buy shares in glazing companies.

Pictures, insights and hours of mis-spent browsing time courtesy of SkyscraperCity forums.

Last Updated 13 March 2006