Singing, Dancing, Maiming, Killing...

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Singing, Dancing, Maiming, Killing...

This film has got the lot:

Mahesh Bhatt (Murder, Kalyug) is introducing his 21-year-old son Rahul in the film industry and he has completed the power packed script of the film titled ‘Suicide Bomber’. The movie explores the mind-set and motivations of a would-be suicide bomber. Bhatt confirmed, “I have finalized the name, it will be called simply ‘Suicide Bomber’. He wants to cast new faces in his film and is still finalizing the rest of the crew. Despite its grave story line the film will be laced with touching song and dance sequences which are very much part of Bhatt’s films.

Sounds too good to be true. But the BESTEST bit is that they'll be filming part of the movie right here:

Based loosely on the events of the London subway bombings the movie will begin filming in London in July and then shift its location to Kashmir. The film centers on a British-born boy who pulls out of a suicide mission and then flees to India, his mother’s homeland, where he begins to question his mission and the killing of innocent people.

And we thought the Bollywood version of Fight Club was a bad idea, but at least they didn't try and film it in Chuck's living room.

Bhatt goes on to say that this will not be an actual dramatisation of the July 7 suicide bombings here in London but that it definitely gave him the idea for a film - to explore what goes through the mind of a would-be bomber born in Britain to a Pakistani father and Indian mother enraged by discrimination following the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

You know, but with crazy dance numbers and shit.

Wait until the Standard gets a hold of this...

Last Updated 07 March 2006