Seems Covent Garden Takes Its Name Literally

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Seems Covent Garden Takes Its Name Literally
Green roadworks.jpg

You know the green revolution is starting to catch on when even construction sites have hanging baskets. These shots were taken at the junction of Kemble Street and Drury Lane, where we were surprised to find orange cones and pot plants living side by side in blissful harmony. Reminds us of Londonist’s old student flat, only without the farty smells and Gillian Anderson posters.

We suspect that the excessive foliage was the brainchild of the neighbouring Sarastro restaurant, rather than green-fingered workmen. Anyone know more about what's going on here? We're unsure whether to phone the cone hotline or gardener's question time.

Suddenly, those 'heavy plant crossing' signs, often seen on building sites, make sense.

Last Updated 15 March 2006