Kingston Good, Lambeth Bad

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Kingston Good, Lambeth Bad

Ken has given a big thumbs up to Kingston for its Local Implementation Plan, pleased that it contains proposals for how the borough intends to implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy between now and 2011. The LIP will contain, among other things, efforts on:

Improved road safety with 20mph zones planned within 100 metres of all schools - one of the most comprehensive programmes for implementing these safety zones in Britain

Improved sustainable travel - many new or improved cycling corridors are proposed, as is 1000 school children receiving cycle training each year.

But if Kingston is in Ken's good books then Lambeth is certainly in his bad one. Speaking at the annual Mipim property conference in Cannes he was livid at so called 'renegade boroughs':

"There is a proposed scheme at Clapham Park in Lambeth, which we think would go a long way towards regenerating that area, but it's being held up because the council is afraid about the noise and disruption to local neighbourhoods," he said. "But honestly, do people really come to London expecting the stillness and calm of the Cairngorms?"

Well, we came here expecting Dalek invasion and Yeti on the tube, but we see his point.

All we need now is for a REAL renegade borough to spring up, probably with Clarkson as it's renegade leader. Perhaps with the short one from Top Gear strapped to his back, Master Blaster style.

Last Updated 15 March 2006