Hellgate London

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Hellgate London

We love the city and yet we're so happy to see it crushed under foot on a regular fictional basis. Check out the trailer for the latest game to offer a slightly different view of London. Sure, we've had games set here before and first person shooters are hardly new, but try and not grin when that door opens at the end:

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Now that's what Reign of Fire should have been like - although Christian Bale doesn't have quite as nice a bottom.

The website has a stack of screen shots - funny to see Oddbins lurking in the demon mist. GameSpy have a long detailed review and an overview of the story with some mad details:

it was the Freemasons who built much of the London Underground. Built with special materials and with cleverly disguised runic symbols, these subway stops were Demon-resistant. And after the disaster, those that weren't breached by the demonic hordes are acting as bases for humanity's defenders.

Best of all is that the game is multiplayerable (is that a word?) which means there's a good chance you'll be running down Charring Cross with a pack of demons on your tail only to run into Londonist M@ telling you an obscure anecdote about the rubble that you just brought down on their heads.

Last Updated 10 March 2006