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The Register have have been talking to's managing director regarding the ongoing dispute between Transport for London and Tube blogger Geoff Marshall.

Last week we reported on the fact that, as Geoff's ISP, Clara had asked Marshall to remove the page of links to other sites which were hosting his 'parody tube maps' as this constituted a breach of copyright.

To give him his due, Clara's MD Steve Rawlinson doesn't exactly seem thrilled about having to do this kind of thing. here's what he had to say to The Register:

It is plainly ridiculous. We are held responsible but we cannot make a qualified legal decision on every complaint we receive. We have three staff looking at complaints. I'd like to see customers responsible for what they publish - and I think they would like that too.

As the law stands all I can do is advise people to host their sites outside the UK - and you can imagine how much I enjoy that."

The article goes on to say that recently Clara had to deal with a case where "two old ladies who both had websites selling budgerigars - each accused the other of stealing bits of content and eventually both their ISPs removed the sites."

Serious stuff!

You can read the latest in Geoff's battles with TfL by following this thread on his site.

Last Updated 22 March 2006