Are there any South Africans in the house?

By sizemore Last edited 156 months ago
Are there any South Africans in the house?

We have no idea who Crazy Monkey are - we don't watch our own MTV let alone move around the Londonist spy dish to try and pick up South African telly, but what the hell - they're coming to London no matter what we do so we figured we may as well warn you:

Straight Outta Benoni is coming to the big screen in London for 2 sneak previews on Sunday the 9th of April. Forget the stale biltong and Mrs Balls chutney that your relatives bought over for you last summer, because here is a rare opportunity to experience South Africa's latest export and meet the cast! The movie will be playing at the River Side Studios' cinema in Hammersmith

If any South African readers know who these guys are (and more importantly, know if they're funny) please drop us a line or a note in the comments. The trailer for the move is right here...

Last Updated 07 March 2006