Wiping Arsenal

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Wiping Arsenal
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Arsenal, on the Piccadilly Line: a tube station named after a football team, which is named after an area of South-East London, which is called after an ammunition storage facility. Something of an identity crises, one might say.

Well, things are about to come to a head. Now that the sun is setting on Arsenal FC’s Highbury era, there are calls for the nearby Tube Station to revert to its former name, Gillespie Road.

There's no such place as Arsenal and as far as I know it's the only football club that has a station named after it. If they are prepared to move down the road to Cash Burden Grave then surely they should have to give up naming rights to their own station.

Says Islington resident and, crucially, Chelsea-supporting, Damien French.

Arsenal station has been so-named since 1932, when ‘pressure from the club’ persuaded the transport authorities to ditch ‘Gillespie Road’ in favour of the current name. The station retains signage for its former identity, however, and there seems to be a groundswell demanding a reversion. Mr French has set up a petition, which stood at 3000 names this morning.

Whether you’re a Gooners fan or not, the present name has its advantages. For starters, it means there are currently stations on the Piccadilly Line that begin with Cock, Arse and Hollow. It would be a shame to lose such glorious filth.

What do you reckon?

Last Updated 03 February 2006