Pussy <s>Galore</s> Not So Much

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Pussy <s>Galore</s> Not So Much

Bond is back. Well, on his way at any rate as filming on Casino Royale just started in Prague, but so far the world's most well know secret agent is flying solo. There's a problem finding the right Bond girl.

"They're talking to three to four girls right now... Every week I read there's a new Bond girl, and I call them and they say, 'No, you idiot'."

Poor old Paul Haggis. Nothing like a healthy respect for the writer.

Of course back in the day all you had to do was rustle up a safari suit to have the international totty dripping off the edge of the screen, but these days Bond is (slightly) more sophisticated or at least the audience expects a little bit more than simple eye candy. A character that can give as good as she gets is a lot more interesting...

Even without a leading lady or a villain (Orson Welles will be hard to beat) expectations are high for this new Bond. Daniel Craig wouldn't have been our first choice as 007, but we'll keep an open mind. It's a good sign that Martin Campbell is back at the helm as his GoldenEye was not only Pierce Brosnan's first Bond but also arguably his best. This time out he promises something "definitely darker, more character, less gadgets".

No invisible car then? We don't mind the god awful product placement as much as we do the invisible car. Oh and PLEASE don't screw up the theme song this time out (people wonder what we have against Madge - she only ruined the best Bond credits sequence in years, the dippy cow).

Campbell also added that the leading female star would have the "best Bond girl part" ever. It's difficult to say what the best Bond girl part is... it's on the tip of our tongue, but it just won't come. It's definitely something we'd like to see an actress getting her teeth into though.

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Last Updated 01 February 2006