A Man Who Collects Shopping Lists

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A Man Who Collects Shopping Lists
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Shredders have become all the rage. Only this very morn, BBC’s Breakfast program reiterated the message: identity theft is on the increase; shred all personal documents before disposing.

But please don’t mince those old shopping lists, or you’ll put this lovable loon out of a hobby.

Scott Allsop, a teacher from Raynes Park, has the highly original obsession of collecting discarded grocery lists (currently over 250). But more than this, he also analyses, annotates and blogs each one.

"eggs. x 2." What is this strange code? One would think that this shopper means to only buy 2 eggs, but such a feat is impossible on our modern supermarkets. Nay, eggs come in a minimum of a half-dozen, right up to batches of 36. And so, I assume the shopper requires 2 half dozen boxes of eggs. I doubt anyone could get through 72 of them.

Clearly, despite his food obsession, Scott is several sandwiches short of a picnic. But, according to This is Local London, he's not even content to leave things at that.

Currently, Scott has embarked on a two week extra-curricular experiment to only eat food he finds on the lists.

What a star! Let’s hope for Scott’s sake that this fellow doesn’t move to Raynes Park.

Last Updated 02 February 2006