With this herring I thee wed

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With this herring I thee wed

We're only three days into 2006 and we've already had our first 'London woman marries dolphin story' or as Israel's YNet News had it Brit Jew marries dolphin as reported in their singles section - where else?

We're not suggesting that this story is any reflection at all on the current pickings in the London singles scene, that dolphins are better listeners than men or even that rich people are bonkers. We simply wanted to kick off the year with a heart warming love story:

Sharon Tendler, a 41-years-old Jewish millionaire from London married her beloved Cindy, a 35-years-old dolphin... The groom, a resident of the Eilat dolphin reef, met Tendler 15 years ago, when she first visited the resort. The British rock concert producer took a liking to the dolphin and has made a habit of traveling to Eilat two or three times a year and spending time with her underwater sweetheart. "The peace and tranquility underwater, and his love, would calm me down," the excited bride said after the wedding.

The slight age difference doesn't seem to worry either Sharon or Cindy, but many will have doubts about the species gap.

The important thing is that both bride and groom are happy - Cindy couldn't stop smiling while Sharon got to make the declaration of love that most women can only dream of:

"I'm the happiest girl on earth... I made a dream come true, and I am not a pervert,"

The Age picks up the story here while Reuters have the real scoop with video of the wedding.

All of this has inspired Londonist to finally make an honest fish out of the cute mudshark that up until recently we've had to hide away in sordid hotel rooms.

Found via mefi. The photo is by Pinkbelt and used under a Creative Commons/Attribution-ShareAlike License

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