Talking Buses On The Way

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Talking Buses On The Way

Expect an increase in the number of headphones appearing on regular bus users to help drown out the dead robotic voice of fate...

Visually impaired people should find London's buses easier to use if plans to introduce next stop announcements prove successful. The system, similar to the one used on the London Underground network, is being tested on Arriva's route 149 buses, in north London.

What we're concerned about is that someone in their wisdom has christened the project iBus. How very cutting edge. Whether this means the buses will be painted a dirty white, be more susceptible to scratches and run out of fuel quicker remains to be seen. There's also the worry that after six months more trend conscious Londoners will stop using them altogether unless they are 'upgraded' and shrunk to the size of a minimetro

Other transport for London initiatives are rumoured to be iRobot in which mechanical Will Smiths are placed at every bus stop to warn against putting money in the dodgy ticket machines and iClaudius in which a video of Derek Jacobi will be broadcast on every bus to point out places of Roman interest.

Last Updated 17 January 2006