Seething On A Jet Plane

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Seething On A Jet Plane

The big air rage story this morning may have had all the drama of FBI agents grappling with a passenger as he tried to open the door at 33,000 feet, but we prefer our drunken passenger stories to have a touch more celebrity. Like this one involving Gillian Anderson:

Former X -Files star Gillian Anderson has been accused of drunkenly verbally attacking a fellow passenger on a flight from Sri Lanka to England. Anderson repeatedly berated the man - who was travelling with his wife and son - for not looking after his child...

According to an in-depth article in today's Sun she was not only "effing", but also "blinding". We'd have liked to see that.

Passengers and crew should be thankful she didn't pull a Flightplan and try and convince the crew that she had earlier sneaked David Duchovny on board under a blanket. None of this this comes as a great surprise of course. We have a lot of love for Scully (sometimes so much that it spills over), but the waif like Ms Anderson would do well to watch Bad Santa and learn from these wise words:

Willie: You can't drink worth shit.

Marcus: I weigh 92 pounds, you dick!

Our advice is to get back up to that X-Files season one look from when it was perfectly understandable that aliens would want to pregnate her. A few more notches on her belt and not only will she be able to hold her alcohol better, she'll also be able to kick some serious arse the next time a nearby family needs sorting out.

Last Updated 16 January 2006