Miniscule Musicals at Greenwich Theatre

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Miniscule Musicals at Greenwich Theatre
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Ten minutes is a fairly accurate reflection of an average theatre-goer's attention span - of course we sit smugly through three hour operas and applaud appreciatively after two and a half hours of Shakespearean tragedy but within all the quiet and attentive patrons there is a little switch that turns their attention on for ten minutes, then off for about fifteen, on again for about twenty minutes if there is a nude scene, then off again until someone says a swearword or breaks something.

Greenwich Theatre is launching the Ten Minute Musical Challenge which will not only create new work fitting the ten minute attention span remit for modern audiences but will also cater to those who not only have minimal time for attending musicals but also the absolute minimum of time to write one.

Applicants have an initial 24 hours to come up with an idea for a musical based on something from Monday 9th January's edition of the Independent - ideas need to be emailed to Greenwich Theatre by 10am on Tuesday 10th January. 18 successful applicants will be chosen and put into groups of 3; each group will have one day assigned to them between 8th and 15th February and will have exactly ten hours, from arriving at Greenwich Theatre at 9am until the start of the their show at 7pm to create their musical using only that day's Independent and a lot of hard work to get them through.

Londonist likes a good theatrical challenge and if there is the likelihood of a bit of extra drama from the backroom, we're keen. This challenge has all the makings of a proper stagebound ding-dong with songs, so this should be good.

Interested applicants need to go here for more details and an applications form. A gala performance of all 6 musicals will be held on 18th February, please check the Greenwich Theatre website or call the box office on 020 8858 7755 for more information and to book tickets.

Last Updated 05 January 2006