Bin Laden With Art

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Bin Laden With Art

That should pull in a few RSS readers. Welcome.

Actually, bin lorries are being laden with local artworks, including paintings, prints and even theatre sets.

Southwark Council has announced that it is putting the ‘art’ back into dustcart. Well, what they actually said was: ‘Art on the Cart is an exciting project that is bringing together Southwark’s refuse and culture services’. We’re just fonder of wordplay than them.

We love this idea so much and hope it’s rolled out in other boroughs and to other services. Imagine the delicious irony if the fire engines attending last year’s art warehouse fire had themselves been covered in Hieronymus Bosch triptychs.

Here’s a Londonist tip for those not fortunate enough to live in Southwark. To get an artistic experience from your own borough’s dustcarts, simply peer into the back. You’ll see something like a Jackson Pollock with the smell of a Tracy Emin.

Last Updated 20 January 2006