Saatchi Art Swarms To Chelsea

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Saatchi Art Swarms To Chelsea

Art collector Charles Saatchi's new gallery, at The Duke of York's Building in Chelsea, opens in April with a Tessa Farmer collection entitled 'Swarm'.

And that's exactly what you get. A swarm of frickin' insects. But shaped like humans. Argh!

The appropriately named Farmer has harvested the wing parts from countless little beasties, and glued them to delicate twig skeletons to form 'evil fairies'. Presumably to scare the Bejesus out of any landlord who might be tempted to evict Saatchi.

After being kicked out of County Hall a few months back, Saatchmo has remained tight-lipped on possible new locations until recently announcing a move to Chelsea. Continuing his tradition for picking out fresh British-based artists, 'Swarm' will be the inaugural presentation.

Whether this collection will be as controversial as '97's 'Sensation' or as disappointing as the Momart fire remains to be seen, but considering former Saatchi acquisitions include Tracy Emin's unmade bed, Hirst's shark in formaldehyde, work by Chris Ofili and fellow Turner Prize winner Rachel Whiteread, it is no doubt a boost to Farmer's profile.

Vicious rumours that Tessa Farmer's compositions were inspired by photos of Nicole Ritchie and the Olsens at Halloween parties are simply not true.

Thanks to Silvia for this post.

Photo from the BBC.

Last Updated 12 December 2005