High-raze Living

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High-raze Living

It’s an unwritten rule of the town that anything over 100m tall must be referred to by something other than its correct name. Viz, the Gherkin, the wheel, NatWest Tower, Canary Wharf, the Cheesegrater, the Post Office Tower, the Shard of Glass, etc. etc. The latest proposed tower block is, frankly, asking for it. If this thing ever gets built, The Electric Razor it will certainly be called.

What you’re looking at is a stunning new residential proposal for Elephant and Castle from Australian property group Multiplex. The ‘razor heads’ at the top are, in fact, wind turbines, which would generate enough power to completely light the building (and utterly ruin the day of any off-course parachutists).

Although it looks like an item form the Jolly Green Giant’s toiletry bag, it would take a real cynic to deny the quality of the design. At 147m, it would be taller than Blackpool Tower, and become a new landmark for this grotty part of town. Richard Banks, director of Multiplex, said:

“The apartments are likely to appeal to young professionals who want to live in town but who have been priced out of similar high-quality landmark developments in Central London.”

Yet prices will start at £280,000. Well, cheers, that helps us all enormously.

No firm dates are mentioned, but if approved this would fit in nicely with existing plans for redevelopment of the Elephant.

Picture taken from Skyscrapernews.com.

Last Updated 05 December 2005