BBC4's Bus Night

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BBC4's Bus Night

BBC4 are giving the beloved Routemaster a sendoff with a night of dedicated double decker telly:

On Friday 9 December, the most famous bus in the world - the Routemaster - will take its final journey through the streets of London. BBC Four and Arena celebrate the transport icon.

The day after the last Routemaster has buckarooed its final passenger from its suicide step you can sit back in your London Transport Museum PJs with a cup of cocoa and a box of tissues at the ready. You'll be treated to the "definitive" Routemaster documentary followed by an Arena special focusing on the conductors plus another chance to see Summer Holiday followed by 'The Young Ones' final episode. The evening rounds off with the very fist episode of 'On The Buses' not seen since 1969 and then more comedy with Erik Sykes behind the wheel of one of the red behemoths.

And if you really can't wait then take a look at these TV bus related gems that the Beeb have unearthed including 'Jim'll Fix It', 'The Good Life', 'Blue Peter' and 'That's Life'.

Plenty of almost-dead-bus-action over on Flickr of course, including this delightful set from Will Rise. Well worth a look.

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