The Ian Blair Probe

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The Ian Blair Probe

No it's not a satellite being launched in the rough direction of Uranus in an attempt to discover if aliens are wearing unseasonal clothing, but the more down to Earth matter of our current Terrorist-Finder General facing an investigation into exactly why he told us a pack of lies. Ian Blair would probably feel better if this had been left as an internal matter and swept under the carpet with one last run through of all the things that Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes may have been instead of just a regular Londoner on his way to work:

* An evil suicide bomber fleeing police, jumping barriers and trailing fuse wire from his bulky clothing.

* An evil werewolf fleeing police after decapitating a couple of Bobbies outside a sex cinema in Piccadilly Circus.

* An evil Cyberdyne Systems T800 Terminator that required multiple dum dum shots to the head even to slow it down.

* A Tyrannosaurus Rex (perhaps evil, but possibly just peckish).

Blair, like his namesake, has more sticking power than the white stuff that Spiderman sprays willy-nilly all over New York so it may not yet be the end of his career. Fingers crossed though. May we also suggest that if London's top copper and his mates can't get the hang of having a responsibility to tell the truth then they should maybe start blogging instead. You get to write any old bollocks on a blog and best of all hardly anyone has to die.

Note: The rather awesome Going Underground Blog is of course also covering this. Feel free to drop by and add your voice to the discussion in the comments.

Last Updated 28 November 2005