Take A Tour Of Ben Franklin’s Gaff

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Take A Tour Of Ben Franklin’s Gaff
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When it comes to Georgian house museums, London already has a lovely bunch of coconuts. Dickens, Johnson, John Soane and Handel have all opened up their abodes to us (as well as Jimi Hendrix who, rather improbably, was a latter-day ‘flatmate’ of Handel’s).

On February 1st, the London home of Benjamin Franklin joins the troupe, to celebrate the polymath’s 300th birthday. If anyone can find a way to blow out so many candles in one puff, it would be Franklin. The industrious fellow has an impressive CV: inventing catheters, flippers, bifocals and lightening rods; appointments such as US postmaster general; freemason and fellow of the Royal Society; he established the fields of electricity and meteorology. Oh, and he also found time to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the US constitution. What a guy.

The house, at 36 Craven Street, is the only remaining Franklin home in the world. The great man lived here for almost 16 years, and it also served as the first US embassy in England.

Visitors will be treated to a guided tour, live performances and hands-on science experiments. Expect to hear much more about this one in our weekly Cogito Ergo Summary science listings.

Benjamin Franklin House opens to the public from February, open Wednesday through Sunday, 10-5. Ticket information not yet available.

Last Updated 17 November 2005