Stockwell Whitewash Update

By sizemore Last edited 158 months ago
Stockwell Whitewash Update

Jason over on the mighty Onionbagblog has updated the story we linked up last week:

"Well, well - lookey here... That's more like it; you can't beat a practical approach to local history in the absence of any acknowledgement from the Lambeth Council knobbers..."

He's talking about a Brazilian flag that has now replaced the blank wall that once portrayed an unofficial memorial to Jean Charles de Menezes.

Yep the flag will get taken down eventually, but as Jason points out there's probably more flags and people willing to hoist them than there are council jobsbodies trying to take them down.

There's plenty more cheap Brazilian flags on sale along Oxford Street, just waiting to make an appearance around Sunny Stockwell should the Lambeth revisionists decide to whitewash (or simply take down) a piece of our local history yet again.

Last Updated 21 November 2005