Stockwell Cover Up

By sizemore Last edited 158 months ago
Stockwell Cover Up

Not quite what you think. Just saw this post by onionbag blogger and words failed us. We expect people to be insensitive, but how stupid do you have to be to not realise what a mistake this was:

We held the Remembrance Service in the Stockwell Memorial Gardens on Sunday morning. Representation from Lambeth Council observed the two minute silence. And then less than a week later, the mural of Jean Charles de Menezes has been whitewashed (OK - green-washed) by the Council knobbers. Shame on you.

Murals are not mere graffiti and something meant as a heartfelt memorial that deals with a tragedy this poignant and still so very raw should have been off limits.

Of course the fiddly thing with this kind of censorship is that it tends to come back and kick you in the balls. The odds are good that the wall won't remain empty for too long.

Last Updated 18 November 2005