Pity in Pink

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Pity in Pink
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We seriously thought we'd never have to mention Make Me A Supermodel ever again after we first found it stuck to the bottom of our very bestest TV watching boots and found it difficult to scrape off. Unfortunately the smell lingers on with the appearance of Jasmine Lennard at the Keeping Mum premiere. This raises a number of questions.

1. Who is Jasmine Lennard?

2. What the heck is Keeping Mum?

3. Why wasn't everyone involved in the creation of that show euthanised?

1. Well little Jasmine was the posh bitchy wannabe clothes hanger from the show who was dropped early on because she kept showing her nipplettes and split tail to anyone who was passing in a desperate lunge at fame that was desperately running for its life in the opposite direction. No surprise then that she showed up in London not wearing much except for her trademark weasel face. We get it Jasmine - you have a vagina. We're sure it's a very nice one and the odd yeast infection aside it's probably a lot more fun than what's going on above the shoulders, but now that we've all had the chance to have a good shudder can you put it away please?

2. Keeping Mum is the Rowan Atkinson/Patrick Swayze film that plans to keep audiences in secure units and mental institutions thrilled for decades to come. Swayze took time out recently to reveal that London is his favourite city, the only place he could live, yadda yadda yadda:

"I just love English people. I've got that kind of humour that just seems to go really well with the Brits.

Anyone who made Black Dog must have a strong sense of humour so fair enough.

3. Christ only knows.

Note: The rather tasty pic was swiped without permission from Funky Pancake - it was google image search what made us do it. Sorry! We promise that it'll never happen again *cough* *cough*

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