One and a half please...

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One and a half please...

This is just so fucked up. Like a Dario Argento movie starring Rowan Atkinson...

Man pays for sex with prostitute from King's Cross (£20) then they share some crack.

He kills her (now claiming self defense).

He leaves the body in his brother's flat here in London and sets off to Nottingham, Leeds and Wakefield.

Two weeks later he goes back to the flat, but the smell sends him off to Bournemouth to visit his estranged wife.

A week or so later he goes back again and this time cuts off the arms, the legs and the head.

Freezing the body parts now seems a good idea so he does that for a bit.

Next thing is to put the parts into a holdall (never has a name for a bag been so fitting) weigh it down with a handy piece of tarmac and dump it into the Regent's Canal at Caledonian Bridge.

That just leaves the torso which he shoves into a suitcase, but finds too heavy to schlep all the way to the canal.

So he catches the bus.

The case is then dumped into the canal at York Bridge, but fails to sink.

At this point he again gives up and heads back to Bournemouth.

Children find the case and its contents a little way down stream and ring the police.

Police find the man quickly enough because the case he used had his brother's name written inside it.

And if that's not enough the BBC are awash with London crime stories this evening:

Six men deny Mary-Ann's killing

Cabbie faces life for wife murder

Murder hunt for 'chav' daughter

Man gunned down on his doorstep

Makes you want to stay in and mess around on a blog or something...

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