Murder for Dummies

By sizemore Last edited 160 months ago
Murder for Dummies

We were going to leave Blair and his toy soldiers a little time to go away and lick their wounds before we laid into them again but then we read this story in The Telegraph:

The Brazilian man shot dead by police in the mistaken belief that he was a suicide bomber was killed with a type of bullet banned in warfare under international convention

First we thought they'd shot him five times, then we found out it was eight times and now we find they're using ammunition that is so lethal you can't legally use it in a war?

It is believed the decision was influenced by the tactics used by air marshals on passenger jets - where such bullets are designed to splinter in the body and not burst the fuselage.

Yeah, because there's nothing worse than an explosive decompression on a tube train.

Seeing as the 'dum dum' bullets are often fetishised in dumb action movies we'd like to suggest that this move has more to do with what Blair and co have been renting recently from Blockbusters as opposed to you know, protecting the innocent and all that boring stuff you don't get to do too much while playing Doom.

As more unbelievable facts emerge you can't help but wonder what else they're not telling us... maybe we should have a debate.

Last Updated 16 November 2005