More Towers For Vauxhall?

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More Towers For Vauxhall?

Take a look at this low-resolution pic, obtained by using slightly devious means. They’ve hit upon plans for a couple of new towers, at Nine Elms in Vauxhall.

Well, we’re impressed. Especially at the laser beams – some kind of anti-terrorist measure?

This concept image from Squire and Partners shows proposed twin towers behind the residential St George’s Wharf. The positioning and style round off the skyline nicely, making the recently approved Vauxhall Tower (right of image) less of a sore thumb.

Details are, well, absent. We’re not even sure if these are commercial or residential proposals. But Skyscrapernews suggests that quite a bit of work will be needed:

The existing site is in the River Thames defended flood plane - not only do studies have to be conducted to ensure the safety of the site, but additional engineering may be required to guarantee site integrity from potential flooding.


A formal announcement is expected shortly.

Last Updated 23 November 2005