Destiny of the Daleks

By sizemore Last edited 156 months ago
Destiny of the Daleks

How the mighty have fallen. Once the scourge of Time Lords, Thals, Roy Castle and Bernard Cribbins the mighty Daleks seem to have fallen on hard times. Of course the new generation of angry pepperpots are doing pretty well in a touchy feely/addicted to reality TV sort of way, but the older ones have been left out in the cold. Now the modeling work has dried up they offer a cautionary tale for the likes of Kate Moss as even an ex-Supreme Dalek has no choice but to take work as a receptionist for Bucks-based communications agency Indeprod.

£36,000 was splashed out for the Radio Times cover star which puts into perspective the £9.99 a friend of ours recently paid for his own sonic screwdriver.

The finally indignity came from an upskirt shot that revealed scorch marks... are you reading this Kate?

The Indeprod website is here - we wouldn't advise ringing them unless you want to hear "I used to be somebody!" screamed at you in a harsh metallic voice.

Last Updated 17 November 2005