Ally Pally Leasehold: Excitement Now Palpable

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Ally Pally Leasehold: Excitement Now Palpable

You may remember that we recently highlighted the imminent bidding frenzy for the 125-year lease to Alexander Palace. Actually, you probably don’t, as a surfeit of TV shows with the words ‘bid’ and ‘property’ in the title have forever diluted our interest in such things.

For those of you who do care, the palace is set for a much-needed rejuvenation after a chequered lifetime of fires, flops and financial failure. The bidding parties have now been shortlisted to three, from 13 proposals. (Londonist’s £40 offer to turn the site into a hacienda cum hideaway-bunker complex from which to plot world domination and stroke cats was, rather short-sightedly, rejected.)

So, one of the following three companies will eventually become king of the hill.

The Business Design Centre Group: Who host conferences and events in Islington.

Earls Court and Olympia Group: The group behind…you guessed it…Earls Court and Olympia.

Firoka (Heythrop Park) Ltd.: Who seem strangely resilient to Googling, considering that they own Oxford United FC.

Each company has until January to fine-tune its plans. The three proposals will be on display at the palace in January, with a winner being announced shortly thereafter.

Last Updated 21 November 2005