Love Lines: Romance by Tube

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Love Lines: Romance by Tube

The tube can take you to most places (except Hackney, Peterborough and Wales) but can it bring you love? Is it the place to meet The One? Will you find your soulmate on Platform Three Southbound via Bank? Ah, the romantics amongst us would say yes and will no doubt be brimming over with stories of exchanged glances on the escalators, saucy smiles in the queue for the only ticket machine that takes credit cards and hands accidentally but oh! so delightfully touching on the Oyster card readers at the ticket barriers. Cynical bastards would say... no goddamn way is there any chance of finding love on London Underground. It's as likely as finding a seat on a Circle Line train at 8.45am on a Monday morning.

Snog London is firmly of the former camp and within its London-focused dating website is the unique search tool Love Lines. For those who want to stay local and within easy reach of public transport, this is the dating tool for you: simply select your preferred tube line, select your stations and see who is based there and up for a meeting. Apparently the Northern and District Lines have the most singles strung out along their lengths so for the perpetually single, get a travelcard and work that platform pick-up line. The site is bright and cheerful and gives a cheeky spin to the otherwise dreary experience of getting the tube each day.

However - and how we love that word here at Londonist, as it inevitably signals the unleashing of our dark and unlovely views - is it really wise to base your search for true love on a failing and ailing public transport system? How well does it bode for your relationship once you've considered all the delays, engineering work, station closures, shootings and bombings the system suffers?

And let's face it, it's the tube is intimate and passionate enough already: we share each other's music as we stand elbow to elbow on overflowing platforms, each turning up the volume on our iPods in a battle to drown out our neighbour's. We share each other's food, breathing in burger fumes from our more gluttunous fellow travellers and stepping over discarded food wrappers that are scattered throughout the underground system like love letters from a forgotten lover. And there's more rubbing and groping than should be legally acceptable during the worst of the rush hour crushes and women have been known to get pregnant by complete strangers who insist on squeezing themselves on to clearly overcrowded carriages - all without making eye contact.

There's enough "love" on the lines already, in our opinion. We prefer leaves.

Snog London is a London-based dating website incorporating Love Lines. Both can be found here.

Last Updated 26 October 2005