St Paul and the Amazon

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St Paul and the Amazon

God botherers haven't had much to moan about theatre-wise since their little outburst over Jerry Springer: The Opera so praise be that Satan has had one of his minions dare to bring another 'controversial' piece of theatre to London.

A new play by Howard Brenton has already resulted in 200 letters of protest and that's even before it starts. The play simply entitled Paul is all about that chap who had something of a revelation on the road to Damascus. Some Christians have got it into their heads that the play is going to be all gay-friendly and stuff and it's more than their little tunnel-visioned minds can handle because gays are bad and to believe that God would ever have entrusted his Word to a homosexual is as silly a notion as... well, evolution.

Nicholas Hytner, the National's director, said the letters were not offensive, but their authors "are all praying for me, and they are telling me I will go to hell unless I take the play off. I don't mind, because I don't believe in hell. They are all kind of the same letter, all handwritten or typed. They all assume that the play is about Paul's being homosexual and misogynist; they assume it's going to be a prurient hatchet job." In fact, Hytner said, the play is not concerned with the sexuality of St Paul.

Being wrong hasn't shut them up before though so there'll probably be more of this kind of thing at least until Marilyn Manson tours again.

Of more concern to Londonist is the news that Wonder Woman is coming to London to play in Chicago. Yes, 70's masturbatory icon Lynda Carter is going to be strutting her stuff on stage. The idea of catching Ms Carter in the flesh after spending so many fruitless hours kneeled in front of a Betamax video player trying to pause the exact moment when Diana Prince lost her clothes mid-twirl is rather too sobering a thought. At least we still have the comics to remember more innocent times...


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