George Make Everyone Go Boom

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George Make Everyone Go Boom

The world just got a little bit scarier.

Hard to imagine we know, but with the current American administration every day is filled with moronic possibility. The latest whacky scheme involves a proposed first strike nuclear policy - pre-emptive military strikes, that would allow the US to make first use of nuclear weapons to thwart a WMD attack against the country.

Only yesterday Ken was speaking out against Bush and the "right-wing neo-con establishment" for promoting a "clash of civilisations" between Muslims and the West, but it seems that the American powers-that-be would rather cut to the chase by hitting back first and with nuclear weapons no less.

One possibility is an enemy that is using, or "is about to use" weapons of mass destruction against US military forces or civilian population. Another is where nuclear weapons could be used against biological weapons that an enemy was close to using, and which could only be safely destroyed by nuclear weapons and their after-effects.

Do we need to point out all the things that are bad about this idea?

This kind of thinking will continue until someone forces a stake through Donald Rumsfeld's chest and distracts Bush with something shiny and chewable.

Coincidently Threads has just been re-released on DVD...

Last Updated 13 September 2005