Great British <s>Beard</s> Beer Festival

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Great British <s>Beard</s> Beer Festival

If you're wondering why there's a few less people in your office today, or why your other half slipped out the front door this morning with a pint pot in their hand, it's because today is the start of the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia.

Yes it's all about real ales and ciders that could very well power a small car but CAMRA have been trying to shift away from their core audience (think morris dancers and novelty ties) for a few years now and as a result the crowds have been getting progressively younger and a little less hairy.

Ok, so Chas & Dave are playing this year and Thursday is 'Wear a Silly Hat' day (seriously) but they do also have the 'biggest pub in the world' so that's reason enough to go along isn't it?

Last Updated 02 August 2005