Bus Fire More Nostalgic Than Anything Else

By Rob Last edited 153 months ago
Bus Fire More Nostalgic Than Anything Else

Remember when buses used to catch fire and we wouldn't immediately assume it was terrorists?

Ah, they were the good days weren't they? The days when everything was Transport for London's fault and spontaneous combustion had nothing to do with world politics and everything to do with bad engineering.

Anyway, suffice to say, the small fire on a London bus on Gray's Inn Road has caused the closure of several roads "but is not thought to be suspicious".

A cordon was erected around the Gray's Inn Road and Euston Road for about half an hour, and some passengers are said to have suffered some smoke inhalation, but that's about it.

Last Updated 02 August 2005


Piss poor humour whilst the corpses are barely cold.
Know anymore smart one liners?


Felix (or is it JK?) - no jokes, just a comment on how we as a city react differently to certain events in the current climate. This wouldn't even have registered as 'news' two months ago.


Call it what you want Rob, but being sensitive to others in London going through a lot of trauma would be a Londoner frame of mind.

It was a cheap shot.


There is nothing disrespectful in that post whatsoever.

Annie Mole - London Undergroun

I totally agree with Alex - there's nothing wrong with the post and in fact, when the original bombings were first reported - they were on the news as "a power surge", so yet another instance when we were all naturally waiting to blame Transport for London.

Have a look at the many sites there are around which actually have "cheap shots" on them and then have a look at how many people are searching for "london bombing jokes" and "london terrorism jokes" - believe me there are a lot of them. Then start having a pop at them.