Woody Allen Watch

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Woody Allen Watch

The last time Woody Allen was in town we completely failed in our mission to stalk him across the city. For that, we can only apologise.

This time we are determined to do a much better job of following Woody's every move...and if we happen to get a glimpse of Scarlett Johansson then that's no bad thing either right?

Anway, on to the spying. The following report comes courtesy of Sarah Stodola of methree.net:

For the second time in as many movies, Woody Allen has temporarily abandoned the city that made his Jewish neuroticism famous (that’s New York, you duds) in favor of London, where he started shooting a movie starring Hugh Jackman and fellow New Yorker Scarlett Johansson on June 27th.

The cast and crew have currently set up camp in Notting Hill’s Bassett Road, where Jackman’s character lives and where filming will continue through Friday. The house being used [pictured] reportedly belongs to someone having something to do with the Rolling Stones, and although the connection between Woody and the Stones isn’t entirely clear, that’s how this particular location came about.

The as-yet untitled movie features Johansson as an American student studying in London and finding a love interest in the (decades older) Jackman. At least her love interest isn’t the even-more-decades-older Woody, who plays an American entertainer in the film.

Sarah has promised to try and get us us some proper images of Woody and his cast so we hope to bring you more spy updates soon. In the meantime, if you have any more info for Londonist's Woody Allen Watch then please do get in touch.

Last Updated 18 July 2005