Urban Survival Kit Sales Go Up

By sizemore Last edited 164 months ago
Urban Survival Kit Sales Go Up

On the whole Londoners seem to be a calm headed lot - there's just no room for panic when you have to juggle so much of your life in the capital already and we're not going to start forking over money to tape up our windows when there's so much cool stuff to buy in FOP. I mean have you seen Visitor Q? Lactating is the new black. Or something.

Anyway... it does seem that we've been taking a few more precautions as the Personal Commuter Kit from SurvivalBox.co.uk has seen a sales hike of 150% since the first bombing.

For £20 you get a particle mask to filter out dust, a torch to provide light, whistle, water and antiseptic wipes.

SurvivalBox' managing director, Simon Johnson, told Reuters "The feedback we get from people is they are buying the kit for reassurance" which is fair enough although we're not sure how far an antiseptic wipe will get you if you have an arm off like that chap from Shaun of the Dead. And you don't want your backpack looking too bulky do you?

But if it makes people feel more secure it's not a lot to pay.

What we would recommend is that Londoners look into taking a first aid course. A couple of us here at Londonist are certified and knowing how to keep someone's airway clear is a handy bit of knowledge whether you're worried about bombs and/or zombies or not.

Last Updated 28 July 2005