The Washroom Project

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The Washroom Project

If you thought you'd been to some pokey little art galleries in your time, then think again.

Later this week the Hackney Empire will be opening its two staircases to the public so they can view a series of "three dimensional mind maps" as well as interactive performances by a whole selection of artists.

It's called The Washroom Project and the aim "is to make people aware of their own cultural semiotic values and make them sensitive to the environment in which generations have blindly excepted imprisonment by exposing our most intimate moments" by transforming "functional naked spaces [that] have been deprived of true emotional and positive moral expression" (like staircases and bathrooms).

Ok, it may all sound like so much contemporay, postmodern bollocks but when you get down to it this is actually a pretty good idea.

For a start there's a £2 minimum donation on entrance, so it's cheap and for that you get to see the work of huge number of artists which means the chances of you seeing something you like and enjoy are relatively good.

Plus, it's not just the staircases they're using, there will also be a room installation on the top floor bar area; and if you don't fancy being part of an interactive performance then just go on the second day (Sunday) when "visitors can come and view the work without the 'disturbance' of the peformances."

If you need more convincing, consider this: the Washroom Projects 'headquarters' where they meet to discuss future ideas, is Filthy MacNasty's on Amwell Street. So it's bound to be good.

P.S. More on Filthy McNasty's later...we can tell you're excited.

Last Updated 21 July 2005