'The Thames Web'

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'The Thames Web'

What? Another bonkers Thames story? Yep, and this one is even better than the ocean liner one.

The idea is to construct a network of cable cars over the river between the Blackfriars and Waterloo bridges. Sound dangerous? Well wait until you hear what design firm Metropolitan Workshop are planning to build it with:

"Thames Web would be connected to the river banks by four, 65m (213ft) masts and a lightweight network of cables stretching 200m (656ft) across the river and 750m (2,460ft) along."

This worryingly 'lightweight' infrastructure will carry pods (inspired by "champagne bubbles" apparently) containing up to 15 people across the dark, tumultuous waters of the mighty Thames.

Or you could always stop off at the "raised platform centrepiece, which could be rented out to an entertainment group and most probably contain a bar," (hey, it wouldn't be a British innovation if you couldn't get pissed somehow).

The project is still at the concept stage so there's no guarantees this will happen, but with all the money being thrown at the capital over the next seven years there's a pretty good chance.

And as long as the 'wobbly bridge' people aren't involved then we're up for it.

Last Updated 20 July 2005