Real Big Weight Loss

By Rob Last edited 162 months ago
Real Big Weight Loss

London is once again leading the way when it comes to advances in science with boffins at Imperial College making a breakthrough in the field of making people want to eat less.

A small study had 26 people injected with the hormone oxyntomodulin, which is the stuff that's released in the body to tell you that your stomach is full and now would be a good time to stop eating, fatty.

"Well, this is the critical proof of principle," said Steve Bloom, with Imperial College. "It shows you can use this hormone as we predicted to reduce appetite and get real big weight loss and so we think it's extremely exciting."

Not that Londoners really need it.

London is regularly rated as the healthiest city in the UK, at least by Men's Fitness magazine, which bases their rankings on the "ratio of fatty food outlets and health clubs to population, as well as rates for obesity and heart disease".

So well done us, but if you are looking for "real big weight loss" inside the M25, the last time Londonist dropped some pounds it was due to a Chicken Shawarma from Edgware Road.

Last Updated 26 July 2005