Post-Blasts News Roundup

By Rob Last edited 164 months ago
Post-Blasts News Roundup

There's so much news information on last Thursday's attacks flying around at the moment that we thought it might be a good idea to provide a few links to some of the stories we thought were interesting or might get missed in the media frenzy.

For example, the BBC apparently edited the word 'terrorist' out of their earlier news bulletins last Thursday due to "the corporation's editorial guidelines".

An email went round the BBC building advising staff to use the word 'bomber' instead and, as a result, stories on the Beeb's website changed from things like "Bus man may have see terrorist" to the more palatable "Passenger believes he saw bomber".

Elsewhere it seems the people of Madrid are having a slightly mixed response to the way Londoner's are reacting to the attacks:

While the Madrid train bombings brought millions of mourners on to the streets of Spanish cities and provoked angry demonstrations, political rows and a change of government, Spaniards have found Londoners' stiff upper lip almost unintelligible.

As you might have already seen there are searches going on in West Yorkshire right now "in connection with investigations" into the bombings.

A few tube-related stories (because we love the tube you know):

Traveling by tube is what 'defines Londoners' according to the Telegraph.

Around 50 people have left bags on the tube since last Thursday. They have been 'slammed' apparently (that'll teach 'em).

And transport unions are calling for greater security on the tube, by which they mean a special 'security employee' and cameras on trains - not scanning every commuter.

And finally, this fantastic article

by John Lancaster in the Guardian today which talks about the history behind the street "that begins at the Strand and ends in Hampstead".

Last Updated 12 July 2005