Police Fail To Shoot Us 250 Times

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Police Fail To Shoot Us 250 Times

Being edgy on the tube following the bombings and attempted bombings of a few weeks ago may be a new way of life for Londoners, but it seems that the police are just as jumpy. Or more so. In an interview on Channel Four News (in some twisted justification of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes) Sir Ian Blair pointed out that the police have dealt with 250 suicide bomb scares and been on the brink of acting no less than seven times.

'Acting' under the current Operation Kratos* we assume means shooting people in the head.

And since we don't remember 250 suicide bombers actually exploding in the last few weeks we can look at this another way. The police are so intimidated by a handful of terrorists that they have panicked over no less than 250 innocent people and been on the brink of killing seven of them.

Londonist feels safer every passing minute.

Elsewhere police have arrested two men at Grantham railway station under anti terror laws as they traveled from Newcastle to Kings Cross. This follows close on the arrest of four other men in Birmingham, one of which is now confirmed as one of the men wanted in connection with the failed attacks. This time the man was shot with a taser gun so it seems that there's still a place for regular police work and non lethal force in the investigation.

Police yesterday also arrested a white VW Golf in East Finchley.

None of the above is any consolation to Tube workers who are threatening to strike over safety fears.

* Nothing sadly to do with the Romanian Gothic/Black Metal band of the same name but everything to do with the word POWER from which it derives.

Thanks to Corran for the photo.

Last Updated 27 July 2005