London Poker Open

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London Poker Open

As you may already know, Londonist has a long and prestigious history as far as the game of poker is concerned...

...Ok, we won a media tournament once, but we still think that gives us the right to report on the forthcoming London Poker Open as if we know what we're talking about.

"A lifestyle poker experience beyond your imagination," the London open costs $10,000 to take part (not that bad when you take the exchange rate into consideration) and takes place on "the prestigious Old Billingsgate Market located on the banks of the River Thames".

And if the guaranteed $2,000,000 prizepot isn't enough to tempt you then maybe the gaggle of so-called 'celebrities' taking part will be enough. After all who could resist sitting across from John McCririck for hours upon end?

And if McCririck doesn't ring your bell there's always or Jennifer 'Seed of Chucky' Tilly, Mimi Rogers , Willie Garson (Sex and the City apparently), and (deep breath) Nicholas 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' Gonzalez.

Who said gambling wasn't glamorous?

Last Updated 25 July 2005