Hapy Birthday Naked Penguin Boy

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
Hapy Birthday Naked Penguin Boy

As you may know, we are big fans of slightly skewed online animation here at Londonist, and we also occasionally find oursleves embroiled in those horribly addictive, web-based games that eat up your day.

And nothing eats up your day more than Miniball.

Seriously, don't even go and click on that link if you have any real work to do today, because you'll just spend the next four or five hours perfecting your online, table football technique...and then you'll think it's a good idea to join in a league...and that's when your boss reaches for your P45.

Now the reason we're writing about this is because the London-based company behind Miniball, the gloriously named Naked Penguin Boy celebrate their fourth anniversary tomorrow and in that time we've watched them go from producing a weird, interactive cartoon about (you guessed it) a Naked Penguin Boy to developing stuff for Dreamworks, Universal Pictures and the real big boys...like Tizer.

So this is just a congratulations message to them. And maybe also a call for them to make whatever they come up with next a little less addictive. Our dayjobs are on the line as it is.

Last Updated 28 July 2005