Go Donald

By Rob Last edited 160 months ago
Go Donald

What's going on with all these American stars invading our theatres?

Well someone had to come out and say it; and that someone was bound to be some old lovey, a real British institution of stage and screen.

Someone like Donald Sinden.

You know Donald: he was the one who wasn't Windsor Davis in Never the Twain, and he had a guest spot on The Prisoner once.

Well Donald's not to happy about Schwimmer, Shields et al coming over here stealing our thespian jobs:

I'm not going to name anyone but they come with a screen reputation and the audience go to see them and are disappointed.

On screen you don't notice, but on stage you notice they have no expertise. TV and film actors can't appear in the theatre."

You tell 'em Donald. He's 82 you know! In his day they would use American film stars to clean their boots!

Last Updated 19 July 2005