House Of Loos

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House Of Loos

As you've probably already seen the cleaners of the Houses of Parliament staged their first strike today.

About 170 cleaners turned up for the strike in protest at (among other things) their £5 an hour pay, lack of sick pay or pension, and the measly 12 days a year leave.

But the real 'dirt' (sorry) was dished over at The Times where the cleaners spilled the beans on the filthiest jobs in the corridors of power:

Their least favourite task, they agreed, was cleaning the lavatories in the House of Lords.

'Some days they are really nasty,' said Evrard Ouala, 27, from North London, who works a 60-hour week to earn £470. 'Especially with the older people who are there in the Lords,' chimed in Nestor Barona, 23, from South London.

Nice huh? And it gets worse:

The men also complained that the room in which they took their meals, nicknamed “the dungeon” by cleaners, was a rat-infested basement with no ventilation.

Tony Blair was challenged about the issue during Prime Minster's Question Time but refused to intervene, saying: “Ultimately, this is a matter for the House authorities. The dispute is a commercial matter but I understand that the House authorities are continuing to work with the contractors to seek a satisfactory outcome for everybody concerned.”

We can only wonder how quickly he'd intervene if he was made to clean up geriatric Lords' faeces?

Last Updated 21 July 2005