You Cannot Be Serious...

By sizemore Last edited 157 months ago
You Cannot Be Serious...

Apparently there's some tennis going on in London...

Ahh yes well Tim Henman just lost again so it must be Wimbledon. Very well organised we hear, administration second to none. What? Tennis players you say? We don't really do those... unless you count Henman. Let's say that again. Hen Man. Tim. Hen. Man. Of course he's rubbish. He's what was known in the glory days of The Beano as a softie. At least Rudeski sounds like he should be captaining a nuclear submarine rather than hitting a ball over a small net.

We'll tell you EXACTLY when Tennis went wrong... 1972. That was the year Atari released Pong. A video game that took all the skill and excitement of a real tennis match and reproduced it on a small screen in black and white. Brilliant!

So let's look how things have progressed:


You see our point? Tennis apart from shorter hair is pretty much the same as ever. Video games however have improved quite a bit.

Now if Henman and Rudeski want to try again we'd recommend they drop the girly bats and pick up a couple of chainsaws. That we feel would be something worth the price of admission...

Last Updated 23 June 2005


You missed Andrew Murry. An-drew Mu-rry.

You know, that 18 year old that's throught the next round, beating the number 14 seed, while Hen Man. Tim. Hen. Man crashes out.


Damn. We're allowed to have more than two at a time? I figured it was like the Sith: Always two there are, no more, no less. A Master and an Apprentice.

Don't worry. I'm sure real sports coverage on Londonist will resume shortly.