Watchmen Unwound

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Watchmen Unwound

Alas, we had high hopes for the Watchmen adaptation as it was the last chance for someone to do Alan Moore's work justice on the big screen after the upcoming V for Vendetta movie disappeared up it's own arse (and you can see some London centric pictures of that particular travesty here and here).

We were happy when our own Paul Greengrass signed on as director as we rather liked his Bourne Supremacy - pretty damn good as sequels go we thought. The word coming out about the production was that everyone involved actually understood the book and although we realised it would have to be abridged we were just hoping that perhaps Simon Pegg would get his wish to play Rorschach. We were happy in our little fantasy land for a while.

Then Paramount came along and killed it.

Sweet. Understandable. It's not like Sin City managed to get a comic adaptation right and rake in lots of cash at the same time. Besides a new Spiderman flick, Batman Begins and utter tosh like The Fantastic Four we understand that there's no demand for comic book movies. And we're grateful that Paramount will divert the money into better more ambitious projects. Like the Bad News Bears remake.

We know it's probably a good thing that it's gone away and that a good Watchman movie was something of a pipedream, but it was our pipedream goddamnit.

The only way we could feel worse is if Anne Bancroft died. Fuck. Here's to you Mrs Robinson...

Last Updated 08 June 2005