Turner Prize Shortlist

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Turner Prize Shortlist

The Turner Prize shortlist was announced today and, while most of the media seem to be shocked that someone who paints flowers has made it through, there are some other interesting names on the list.

Darren Almond is a bit like the Alex Garland of the art world - very moody and introspective. You might remember his A Real Time project which included live footage of his own empty studio displayed on a big screen in a London shop.

Simon Starling is the 'green' choice as he tends to recycle objects by turning them into new ones, plus he uses a lot of plants.

And Someone else who likes plants is 'shock nominee' Gillian Carnegie, who likes to paint still lifes of flowers, landscapes and the human body. She's the surprise of 2005 because she's the first painter in five years to be nominated for the Turner.

Jim Lambie meanwhile is very much your typical Tunrner nominee - he DJs by night and his work consists of lines of brightly coloured tape which vistors walk along as an "exploration of space".

Meanwhile the BBC ask 'is the Turner Prize still relevant?', and the Independent scratch their heads after tipping Banksy for the shortlist.

Last Updated 02 June 2005