Theatre of Science

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Theatre of Science

Million-volt bolts of lightning. Cages shaped like coffins. Restraints. Tesla coils. The risk of instant death. All the ingredients which go into making a great West End show we think you'll agree.

Theatre of Science is a new 'comedy' show, which contains all these ingredients and will be performed at the Soho Theatre starting in July.

It stars "BAFTA winning, Emmy nominated, ghost-busting real life scientists Simon Singh and Richard Wiseman" who will be firing million-volt bolts of lightning at each other on the stage, and that's not even the finale.

At the climax to the performance one of the duo will climb inside a Faraday Cage which will then be struck by a million volts of electricity. The man inside the cage has to be restrained in case he pokes so much as a finger outusde the contraption, in which case he'll fry.

Singh and Wiseman had wanted to use volunteers from the audience for this last part of the show (seriously), but for some reason Westminster council weren't too keen on the idea.

But, if you buy tickets, don't think you're completely safe. The bolts of lightening used in the performance will stop just short of the audience and they've had to take 12 million quids worth of insurance out just to cover themselves.

Comforting to know.

If you really want to (and we definitely do) you can book tickets for the Theatre of Science here.

Last Updated 15 June 2005